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11 Acre Build Site with Electric in a Quiet Country Setting!

11 acres +/-
Monthly Price

Property Description

11 Acre Build Site with Electric in a Quiet Country Setting! $39,900.00 Owner Financed Land Terms: $390/Month with $1500 Down on a Lease/Purchase: $39,900 No credit checks, no prepayment penalties and no balloon payments! Build Your Dream Home Here! This 11 acre property is wooded and there is good access to the land. The property does have electric available at the county road. There are also clearings established for building a house on this home site. Location: Near Pomona, Howell County, Missouri Annual Taxes: Approximately $20 per year. Parcel size: 11 acres Zoning: No requirements or restrictions. This property does have restrictive covenants. Please see them here. (“See Homestead Crossing specific restrictions.”) Terrain: Sloping to the north with large mostly level building sites. Access: County Road 5360 Utilities: None established on this parcel. Electric power is on the county road provided by Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative. .GPS: N 36º 55.316, W 91º 56.253 (These are to the entrance road)

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Property Details

  • Acres: 11
  • Monthly: $390
  • Location: County road 5360, Pomona, Missouri
  • Taxes: Approximately $20 per year.
  • Zoning This property does have restrictive covenants. Call Homestead Crossing Inc for details.417-469-4100
  • Terrain: Level off county road 5360 then sloping upward towards the rear off the property before leveling out
  • Access: County road 5360
  • Utilities: Electric is available

Property Features

Near Town
Electric Available

Property Location

Property Terms & Pricing

Lease/Purchase: $390 per Month with $1,500 Down payment. Total purchase price: $39,900.

Owner Financing Terms:

No credit checks, no prepayment penalties and no balloon payments! 

To get started all that is needed is the Down payment in addition to first months payment due together. Then the payments are just the monthly payment.

 *All of the payments paid the first year, including the down payment and any extra money paid, will be subtracted from the sale price with no interest ( after the first year the interest is just 9.75% FOR LAND & 8.99% FOR HOMES ). After three years of payments being paid as scheduled (or 25% of the sale price has been paid off) this agreement will become a Purchase Contract or a Deed with note and Deed of Trust (Buyers’ choice). Upon completion of the contract, buyer will receive a warranty deed.

 These are the Restrictions Specific to Homestead Crossing Inc: No mobile homes, junkyards or dumps. RV’s & Travel Trailers are Ok. No more than 5 dogs, no Pit Bull dogs.

This property has deed restriction as well as our normal restrictions:

a)  Single family homes only with no tents, shacks, temporary buildings, lean-to type building, basement home or guest house.

b)  All one story buildings shall have at least 1600 sf on that is enclosed, not including garages, carports or porches.

c)  No mobile homes, doublewides or manufactured homes are allowed

d)  All lavatories, and toilets must be connected to a septic system and must comply with in accordance with Missouri DNR rules.

e)  All parcels must be at least 3 acres in size.

f)  No commercial business may be conducted within or upon the property.  

g)  All buildings, including porches and garages must be 50 feet from CR5360 and 20 feet from all property lines.

h)  No goats or swine, game chicken are allowed.

i)  No signs or billboards or other advertising is allowed except for temporary "for sale" real estate signs.

j)  No weeds, underbrush shall be permitted to grow on the property and no refuse piles or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed on the property. No abandoned automobiles, trucks, buses, farm machinery or other abandoned items shall be allowed to be parked on the premises.

k)  All trash, garbage cans and refuse containers must be kept out of sight of the CR5360 except on trash collection days. No burying, or burning of refuse or garbage is allowed.

l)  No excessive noise is allowed such as loud cars, TVs, radios, stereos and so on.

m)  Maintenance of all access roads shall be the responsibility of the landowners who use said road. The access road on the east side of the property is a 30 foot easement for the purpose of ingress, egress, utilities and, on the east side of the road near CR5360, for trash collection on trash collection day. 


Payment Options:  

  • Cash (In person only. Do not mail cash payments!)

  • Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer

  • Pay with credit/debit card

  • Payment can be made online through our website or wire transfer


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