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High Elevation Homestead With Large Clearing & Great Views.

Lead imageT-intersection of easement road land straight ahead to the rJust passed intersection of easement road looking near West From easement road looking near West SW corner to the rightFrom near SW corner looking near East land to the leftIntersection of easement road looking near SouthFrom near entrance to private driveway looking near WestFrom driveway looking near West at great site for livestock.From easement road looking near North up private drivewayComing into main clearing looking near NorthFrom main clearing looking near NEFrom near center of main clearing looking near NorthView from main clearing looking near North From near West end of main clearing looking near NEFrom private driveway looking near South towards easement roFrom end of road looking near West land on the righFrom near end of road looking near South across the roadFrom end of easement road looking near North across landFrom easement road looking near West towards intersection ofAerial of NENAerial of All of Jam Up CreekMap of areaHomestead Crossing Inc.
22 acres +/-
Monthly Price

Property Description

This property sits at approximately 1,100 feet in elevation and is located in the Montier Township of South-central Missouri near the small town of Mountain View. The parcel is about 22 acres (M/L) with a mixture of moderately wooded and open areas. The large clearing is located just East of the center of the property with a spectacular view to the North where the terrain drops off exposing the rolling hills and scenery that makes the Ozarks so unique. There is a lovely private driveway that splits off of the deeded easement road heading North into the large clearing. There is also a nice open area on each side of the driveway that would be great for livestock pens or storage areas. There is more than enough room in the clearing for a large cabin or home plus a shop/barn.

Except for another small clearing near the East end of the deeded easement road, the remainder of the property is almost entirely wooded. There is a mixture of young and mature timber with several other varieties of wild edibles including blackberries. The property extends far past the end of the easement road to the East. To the West, the land proceeds past the T-intersection of the easement road. The parcel has hundreds of feet of frontage on the road with plenty of level ground along the way to open up and grow your new homestead at your own pace.

This property is completely off-grid with no access to the power grid or city/rural utilities. Solar or wind power options would be the most cost-effective methods for providing electricity to the homestead. There are no city/rural waterlines anywhere near the area so you will need to drill a well, install a water cistern, rainwater catchment system, etc. Several methods are acceptable in this area for waste management, including septic systems, lagoons, outhouse, composting toilets, etc. There are no building restrictions or codes to worry about, so you are free to build your homestead as you see fit. If you have been planning, dreaming, or thinking about getting back to a simpler way of life and life your life on your terms then give us a call today. This piece of American ground can be yours, and it is easier than you may think. All you need to get started is the down payment and first monthly payment. There are absolutely no credit checks, hidden fees, early payoff penalties, or balloon payments ever. Just a simple agreement between our company and you like a good old fashioned handshake. Give us a call today to make this property your own at 1-417-469-4100 or text us at 1-314-833-8942. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Directions from dropped pin: The dropped GPS pin is where the easement road leads away from County Road 489. When you pass the last farmhouse on the right and make the turn to the left start looking for a road/drive heading North with an old fence line running along the right side. Continue on that road/drive until you come to a T-intersection. Go right and look for the first driveway on the left. There should be a small clearing on each side of the driveway and a large clearing looking North at the end of the driveway.

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Property Details

  • Acres: 22
  • Monthly: $500
  • Location: County Road 489 near Mountain View, MO
  • Taxes: Approximately $45 a year
  • Zoning None
  • Terrain: Various
  • Access: County Road 489, deeded easement road, private driveway
  • Utilities: None

Property Features

Near Town
Off Grid

Property Location

Property Terms & Pricing

Lease/Purchase: $500 per Month with $2,000 Down payment. Total purchase price: $49,900.

Owner Financing Terms:

No credit checks, no prepayment penalties, and no balloon payments!

To get started all that is needed is the Down Payment in addition to first month's payment due together. Then the payments are just the monthly payment.

*All of the payments paid the first year, including the down payment and any extra money paid, will be subtracted from the sale price with no interest ( after the first year the interest is just 9.75% FOR LAND & 8.99% FOR HOMES ). After three years of payments being paid as scheduled (or 25% of the sale price has been paid off), this agreement will become a Purchase Contract or a Deed with note and Deed of Trust (Buyers’ choice). Upon completion of the contract, the buyer will receive a warranty deed.

These are the Restrictions Specific to Homestead Crossing Inc: No mobile homes, junkyards or dumps. RV’s & Travel Trailers are Ok. No more than 5 dogs, no Pit Bull dogs.

Payment Options:  


Cash (In person only. Do not mail cash payments!)
Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer
Pay with credit/debit card
Payment can be made online through our website or wire transfer

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