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Lead imageFrom entrance to driveway looking towards public accessFrom entrance to driveway looking up Mineral Springs Rdfrom private driveway towards Mineral Springs RdFrom clearing looking near North towards creekFrom the end of the driveway looking towards large clearingTrail leading from clearing down to the creekFrom near creek looking up towards clearingSecond trail heading away from clearing towards creekLarge deer tracks all over the propertyFirst section of creek at the end of second trailCreek heading South towards waterfallMain waterfallYet another view of the first waterfallLand just above the waterfall to the EastSection of creek just above waterfall looking towards waterLooking down at pool below waterfallLooking near South at creek above waterfallOne of several springs that fed into the creekAerial of East PropertyArea Map of PropertyArea Map of Piney River PropertiesBig Piney Frontage Left Rear in Spring
40 acres +/-
Monthly Price

Property Description

This property is indeed one-of-a-kind. It's located near Houston, Missouri, in the Piney Township of Texas County. The parcel is approximately 40 acres and has nearly two thousand feet of a year-round creek that cuts through the property. The creek enters the land about 760 feet from the South-East corner and runs near North-West, before turning and heading Near North, where it runs about the center of the parcel before turning North-East and heading off of the land where it connects to the recreational area and spilling into the Big Piney River. The adjoining property to the North where the creek runs into is Government land known as the Mineral Springs Access. The Mineral Springs Access is approximately 4.5 acres and has over one thousand feet of Big Piney River frontage. With this land adjoining the property, this means that you have direct access to the beautiful Big Piney River. There are also several unique land features on the property including caves, waterfalls, and springs.

There is a beautiful waterfall about near center of the parcel that is approximately six feet tall and spills into a beautiful large pool below. The bed of the creek turns into stone right above the waterfall, and just up from there a natural spring flows from the west (on the property) and runs East spilling into the main body of the creek. There are plenty of old growth Pine Trees on the land and several trails the start off of the Mineral Drive access Road and run all the way past the waterfall and spring where there is a beautiful rolling clearing overlooking the creek and the spring. There are two private entrances off of Mineral Drive with one being the trail that leads down to the lower section(where the creek is located) and the other climbing uphill to another large clearing just atop the hill overlooking the creek below.

Electric service is available to the West, South, and East but is several hundred feet away and will be very costly to bring into the property. Rural water is also available but is several hundred feet away, so it may be just as cost effective to drill a well. The land is far outside the city limits and therefore has no building restrictions or codes. You are free to use any alternative energy method such as solar, wind, and water. Also, there are several approved methods for waste management such as septic, lagoon, outhouse, and composting toilets. Give us a call today to make this property your own at 417-469-4100.

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Property Details

  • Acres: 40
  • Monthly: $1400
  • Location: Mineral Drive near Houston, Missouri
  • Taxes: Approximately $45 a year
  • Zoning None
  • Terrain: Various
  • Access: Mineral Drive, private driveway
  • Utilities: Electric available

Property Features

Near Town
Off Grid
Electric Available
Borders Government Land

Property Location

Property Terms & Pricing

Lease/Purchase: $1,400 per Month with $5,000 Down payment. Total purchase price: $149,900.

Owner Financing Terms:

No credit checks, no prepayment penalties, and no balloon payments!

To get started all that is needed is the Down Payment in addition to first month's payment due together. Then the payments are just the monthly payment.

*All of the payments paid the first year, including the down payment and any extra money paid, will be subtracted from the sale price with no interest ( after the first year the interest is just 9.75% FOR LAND & 8.99% FOR HOMES ). After three years of payments being paid as scheduled (or 25% of the sale price has been paid off), this agreement will become a Purchase Contract or a Deed with note and Deed of Trust (Buyers’ choice). Upon completion of the contract, the buyer will receive a warranty deed.

These are the Restrictions Specific to Homestead Crossing Inc: No mobile homes, junkyards or dumps. RV’s & Travel Trailers are Ok. No more than 5 dogs, no Pit Bull dogs.

Payment Options:  


Cash (In person only. Do not mail cash payments!)
Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer
Pay with credit/debit card
Payment can be made online through our website or wire transfer

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