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Older Homestead With Nice Root-Cellar, Electric, & Shack.

Lead image From Clark Road Looking at state Highway H Looking near EastFrom Clark Road looking near West on State Highway HFrom entrance to Clark Road looking near SouthCorner of Clark Road and Cope Drive NW Corner Looking EastView to the east From Near West SideView to the SW From Near SW CornerView to the SW From SE CornerEast Property Line Looking North From RoadFrom entrance looking near North across roadFrom driveway Looking near East towards East lineFrom driveway looking near West shack, root cellar and powerFrom just inside of driveway looking across road to NorthDriveway back to large private clearingLooking West From old BuildingSouth Side of old CabinConcrete steps to old shackRoot-cellarInside of root-cellarInside of old CabinCool Rock Formation Near South PartA Seasonal Creek on South PartMap of AreaPlat Map of Manes LandAerial of Manes ParcelsPlat Map FinalHomestead Crossing Inc.
19 acres +/-
Monthly Price

Property Description

This parcel is located in the Elk Creek Township near Manes, MO. The property is approximately 19 acres (M/L) with mixed terrain. The land is mostly level right off of Cope Drive for several acres then slopes gently upward to the South before leveling out again where the large private clearing is located. Just off of Cope Drive about 50 Yards West inside the driveway is where the old shack is located. The shack was an old homestead home and still has plenty of salvageable wood and tin plus a poured foundation. Just a short distance further West into the parcel in eyesight of the shack sits the poured concrete root-cellar. The root-cellar is surprisingly in really great shape except for at the very beginning of the steps on the right side where a tree root is pushing against it.

There is a newer electric pole located directly in front of the shack on the property if you wish to have electric service but you do not have to hook into the electric grid if you do not want to. There is also a seasonal creek on the South-side of the parcel and lots of ground left to be explored. Who knows what you might find. There is no city/rural water or sewer available in this area so you will need to have a well drilled, set up a rainwater collection system, cistern, or possibly drill your own well. There are several springs along that road and you might just get lucky enough to tap into one.

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Property Details

  • Acres: 19
  • Monthly: $390
  • Location: Cope Drive near Manes, MO
  • Taxes: Approximately $45 a year
  • Zoning None
  • Terrain: Various
  • Access: Cope Drive
  • Utilities: Electric available

Property Features

Electric Available

Property Location

Property Terms & Pricing

Lease/Purchase: $390 per Month with $2,000 Down payment. Total purchase price: $43,900.

Owner Financing Terms:

No credit checks, no prepayment penalties, and no balloon payments!

To get started all that is needed is the Down Payment in addition to first month's payment due together. Then the payments are just the monthly payment.

*All of the payments paid the first year, including the down payment and any extra money paid, will be subtracted from the sale price with no interest ( after the first year the interest is just 9.75% FOR LAND & 8.99% FOR HOMES ). After three years of payments being paid as scheduled (or 25% of the sale price has been paid off), this agreement will become a Purchase Contract or a Deed with note and Deed of Trust (Buyers’ choice). Upon completion of the contract, the buyer will receive a warranty deed.

These are the Restrictions Specific to Homestead Crossing Inc: No mobile homes, junkyards or dumps. RV’s & Travel Trailers are Ok. No more than 5 dogs, no Pit Bull dogs.

Payment Options:  


Cash (In person only. Do not mail cash payments!)
Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer
Pay with credit/debit card
Payment can be made online through our website or wire transfer

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