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Older homestead with cabin, well, cistern, shop, and more.

Lead imageFrom South-East corner looking North-West property on rightLooking North-West property on rightFrom front of house looking near NorthLooking near North-EastDriveway and cabin from CR 505From driveway looking near South-EastWest side of cabin looking near South-EastCistern, cabin, and wellEast side of cabin looking near WestFront porch looking near SouthFrom front door looking in at front roomFrom front room looking towards back of cabinFrom front room looking into kitchen areaFrom driveway looking towards machine shopMachine shopFence running towards North endFence with old chicken coop in backLooking near South-West from near North endLooking near West on North lineFrom near North end looking near NorthLooking towards North endNear North end looking near SouthBackyard looking near EastBackyard looking near SouthFrom East side of cabin Looking near South-EastLooking near North-West towards South-West cornerSouth-West corner looking near North up CR 504Aerial Greenville July 18,2018Aerial Plat of House with apx 8.5 acresMap of Area, GreenvilleMap of Area With Land
8.5 acres +/-
Monthly Price

Property Description

This fantastic property is indeed a blast from the past, that takes us back to a simpler time when people lived life a little slower. The parcel is located near Greenville, Missouri, in the Lost Creek Township. It's approximately 8.5 acres with so much to offer. The land is located far outside of any city limits, out in the country on County Road 505, which is mainly just country homes and rolling pastures. The cabin is approximately 570 square feet, which is not large, but there is plenty of room to build onto it, to the North and the East. The cabin has one large living room, which is approximately 15X30 and a smaller kitchen area that is about 10X12. There is also a cozy front porch that faces County Road 505 that would be perfect for a few rocking chairs. As I said, this is an older homestead, and things were a little different back then. The well is not your typical water well; it is a jet-pump well. I will post a link below for more information on these wells. The long and short of it is that the jet-pump well forces water down to create a vacuum, which forces water back out. The pump is mounted on top of the wellhead, whereas newer wells have the pump submerged deep into the casing and the pump forces water up, which requires more maintenance. With a jet pump well, everything is right there on top where you can get to it and fix it yourself. There is also a very large concrete water cistern (see link below for more info) located on the North-East corner of the cabin in the backyard. There is also a concrete septic tank located on the East side of the cabin, near the clothesline. The cabin does need some repair work, but the foundation is strong, and the roof, as well as the lumber on the outer walls, are brand new. The electrical wiring has been removed for safety and will need to be updated. JET-PUMP INFO: https://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex639 WATER CISTERN INFO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cistern

There is also an excellent machine shop and old chicken coop near the North-West corner of the property, just a short walk away from the cabin. The machine shop has a side door as well as two large swinging doors that allow for storage of large equipment or vehicles. The machine shop also has a nice concrete floor to keep you off the dirt while you work, and several storage shelves along the walls. The chicken coop appears to be in good shape but could use a little TLC. There is an older storage shed to the East of the cabin that is in rough condition but does have a concrete foundation, so you could restore the shed or build a new one. The soil around the home and in the backyard is very rich and would be excellent for planting a lovely garden. The rest of the property is mostly wooded, meaning you could see a number of different types of wildlife in your yard. There is an electric pole on the property located near the machine shop, but the electric line has been removed for safety and can be reconnected at your desire. So, if you have been looking for a lovely property out in the country, then look no further. Give us a call at 417-469-4100 to make this property your today.

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Property Details

  • Acres: 8.5
  • Monthly: $490
  • Location: County Road 505 near Greenville, MO
  • Taxes: Approximately $125 a year
  • Zoning NONE
  • Terrain: Various
  • Access: County Road 505, private driveway
  • Utilities: Electric, well, septic

Property Features

Electric Available
Existing Well
Existing Septic

Property Location

Property Terms & Pricing

Lease/Purchase: $490 per Month with $5,000 Down payment. Total purchase price: $54,900.

Owner Financing Terms:

No credit checks, no prepayment penalties, and no balloon payments!

To get started all that is needed is the Down Payment in addition to first month's payment due together. Then the payments are just the monthly payment.

*All of the payments paid the first year, including the down payment and any extra money paid, will be subtracted from the sale price with no interest ( after the first year the interest is just 9.75% FOR LAND & 8.99% FOR HOMES ). After three years of payments being paid as scheduled (or 25% of the sale price has been paid off), this agreement will become a Purchase Contract or a Deed with note and Deed of Trust (Buyers’ choice). Upon completion of the contract, the buyer will receive a warranty deed.

These are the Restrictions Specific to Homestead Crossing Inc: No mobile homes, junkyards or dumps. RV’s & Travel Trailers are Ok. No more than 5 dogs, no Pit Bull dogs.

Payment Options:  


Cash (In person only. Do not mail cash payments!)
Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Wire Transfer
Pay with credit/debit card
Payment can be made online through our website or wire transfer

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